Camouflage Funk

by D.N.S.

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The recording and production process of the “Camouflage Funk” album started in parralel with “Tha Masterplan – Remixes”, but was cancelled due to the group’s breakup and recouped after the reunion. Featuring the newly recruited member C-Locc, the group recorded the rest of the unfinished material, and gathered former members Doc, BigNanaT and Fresh Sly back in the studio. It was the first album which featured entirely music production by Fresh Sly. The sound was mainly based on vintage funk & jazz samples and varied from old school hip-hop breaks to smooth soul-influenced melodic themes. “Camouflage Funk” took almost two years to produce, and the older songs were released with an average quality sound. The record was released in November 2008 and it features twenty previously unreleased songs. Shortly after the release, the new member C-Locc leaves the group, and one year later in 2009, Fresh Sly & BNT released the next album "Rebirth".


released November 16, 2008

Produced by Fresh Sly;
Appearances: Fresh Sly, BigNanaT, Doc, C-Locc (on "Back 2 Reality")



all rights reserved


Fresh Sly & D.N.S. Moldova

D.N.S. is a hip-hop group, formed in 2006. The group is composed of MC/producer Fresh Sly and MC BNT. For live performances, D.N.S. also collaborated with the group "Whynona Ryderz" since early 2011.

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Track Name: Trupholyfe
[Verse 1 - Fresh Sly]:
Here we come again with the super-dope thang -
Diggidy Doc and Young Sly with another masterplan,
So yo, get low for the loco
1-0-4-0 cuz NanaTizzay said so.
The crazy muthafucka calls a trick a dick-sucker,
Out-knocker, cuz I K.O. the hoe like a shocker,
Paralize her cuz I'm wiser and slyer and slicker,
And wickeder, muthafucka, when my rhymes pull the trigger.

[Verse 2 - Doc]:
I'm true for life, y'all, I'm in the sky,
I'm lookin' from above how you bitches die.
The life is hard, respect the rules? No, I don't
Cuz I'm livin' my life, bitch, how I want.
Take as more as you can from your life like me,
I know one day you will see me on T.V.
I'm true for life, y'all, still in the sky,
Try to fuck around when the knives goin' straight in to your eye.

[Verse 3 - BigNanaT]:
Picture this, I'm in the biz' with Doc & Sly by my side,
It's gettin' high, true for life, I take ya for a hot ride.
This is the new construction, dope beats and fresh lines,
"The Masterplan" is modified, updated nationwide,
And the result is "Dangerous N Simple - D.N.S.",
Only three letters instead of heartbeat in our chest,
I guess this project is a progress to success,
We are still plannin' and rappin' like a crew, posessed.

[Outro - BigNanaT]:
So I hope you bitches are ready for this, we are true for life...

(Fresh Sly)
The D.N.S. is back...
Track Name: Tha Voice Ncyde Of Me
[Verse 1 - BigNanaT]
Shadow lines, gray concretes and the dust on my feet,
Broken dreams and everyday's the same shit on tha streets.
I feel like a hostage locked in a cage,
It won't stop, cuz I gotta front the enemies waitin' at the gates
But my rage kicks tha fakes, knockin' out all the haters,
Hangin out and marinate, rockin' stages with my playas,
Set the score, reach the point, I'm on my way to the finish,
Now it's dope but everything can change in a minute -
So I apreciate all gifts that was given to me:
My ears to hear, eyes to see and all the sences to feel,
I got a place to sleep, to chill and hot plates to eat,
A love to keep, my mind, my family, my friends, my destiny.
So I notice that I gotta be more explosive
Do or die is the game, gonna keep my life on focus
Stayin' true to myself with a power to defend my pride,
Tactisized and organized by the voice inside.

[Chorus: Fresh Sly (BigNanaT)]:
The voice inside of me (The voice inside of me) (x4)

[Verse 2- Fresh Sly]:
It's the S-O to the U-T muthafuckin' H
Point, B-T, streets just increase my rage
As I be creasin' my Dickies, still down with that shit,
Mobbin' to the block, cop stop me near the swap meet:
"Whatcha doin over here?", "I be clockin' the fuckin' grip"
The same shit different day, fools be thinkin' that I'mma trip,
Or slip, hell no, you dead wrong, I guess,
And to show you my respect - you can kiss my fuckin' ass.
It's the S to the L-Y, the youngster soul chaser,
So you saw my dapper hangin', and classified me as a rapper,
You better riggedy-recognize - me ain't naythin' of that specie,
Yeah I'm fightin' for my rights, and I'm a boy, but not a Beastie.
I ain't playin' A-1 Yola, and to be exact,
I'm leavin' it to that wacked out doorag-wearin' fag.
What about me, I'm down to the end so recognize -
The voice inside me goin' all out, one time for yo' muthafuckin' mind

[Chorus: Fresh Sly (BigNanaT)]:
The voice inside of me (The voice inside of me) (x4)


The voice inside us whispers words of wisdom, to walk tall
thru the storm which can make us lose ourselves in this life...

(Fresh Sly)
Like this... (uh-huh, uh-huh)
Like this... (uh-huh, uh-huh)
Like this... so think about it:
For every action there is a direct and opposite reaction...

(uh-huh, uh-huh)
*repeat until fades out*
Track Name: Back 2 Reality
[Verse 1 - Fresh Sly]:
Aiyyo back to reality from the inner world,
Came up on the ground and the shit is observed.
We are lookin' at ourselves thinkin' damn we're so clever,
Make a propaganda, try to prosecute a rapper,
Who shouldn't be rappin', on the stage like he be whaa-whackin',
Man, whacker then whack, and I'm the one who is smackin'
The life, shit I think I'll doin it again,
For lettin' me believe in things I wouldn't have, man.
I'm sick about it, cuz I doubt it when I think about it, shout it
In my dreams, when I found'em the night I was around it,
Reality for me is what I'm seein' daily, maybe
I'm becomin' crazy, but my words are true, baby.
We are gettin' depressed over a reality manifest
Which gets us posessed, more then that, even stressed
Epileptic kids born by a heroin-addict mother
Who was laced with a rich mack, alias the pimp father,
And who the fuck is gonna save that kid's dreams when he be dreamin'
Blue skies and peace in the world, when he be chillin',
We are back to reality, where we used to stand,
Witnessin' the muthafuckin' beginning of the end...

[Chorus] (x2)
(Fresh Sly) - "Back to reality..."
(Doc) - "Got my masterplan"
(Fresh Sly) - "Back to reality..."
(BigNanaT) - "Knowin' that my sanity content when I drop"

[Verse 2 - C-Locc]:
I had a dream that all was good in the hood,
The sun was shining just like it should,
But everytime I look behind at all my homies -
I reminisce when we used to serve 10-40s.
I know this won't happen forever (forever)
Cuz we all say: nothing's changed, but the weather.
Sometimes I feel trapped in the madness (in the madness!)
I feel like I'm a slave of sadness, so faithless,
The world is cold, I wanna live dope,
But everything I got is stole and sold,
Except our families, homies and souls -
The destiny is tragic hangin' on a rope.
There is no magic, only us and them:
The people who believe and the people who pretend,
But back to reality, where we used to stand,
Witnessing the muthafuckin' beginning of the end...

[Chorus] (x2)


[Chorus] (x2)

[Verse 3 - Fresh Sly]:
I'm soul chasing over thoughts, gettin' funky on the low
Tip, so trip, I'm scoring goals, advantage, what they hittin' for?
Vintage styles get dropped non-stop, Camo-Hiphop
For your ears, gettin' pleasant when the treble level drops
So I was walkin' on the street on a sunny afternoon,
Thinkin' 'bout my life so far, listening to the same tune,
But soon I got depressive over nostalgy thoughts,
Following myself in time, back to the school courts,
Got me closed like a hi-hat, exact, so I be at
Chin-checking myself for sportin' a rag and pant-saggin'
But I guess it was a part of growin' up, and as a fashion
I was followin' the trend, 'til introduced to jam-sessions.
And this passion's gettin' deeper, seeking pussy tonight,
Waitin' for a dip to beep me up in Daisy Dukes, over the twilight
It's on again, I gotta lay, she wants to stay,
Baby you can follow me, straight
Back to reality

[Chorus] (x2)
Track Name: Camouflage Funk
[Intro - Fresh Sly]:
There's a party in the front, fuck you in the back,
There's a party at the right, fuck you at the left,
There's a party over here, fuck you over there,
D.N.S. gettin' funky, Diggidy Doc bust the rap!

[Verse 1]:

Activate my hate, let it break to the flame
Such a lotta fake rappers playin' this rap game,
Grabbin' the microphones only for the paper and fame,
Gettin' money from their daddies and sniffin' cocaine.
Ain't you too young yet, are you insane?
Stop bringin' to the Hip-Hop music pain.
Suck a dick if you don't know shit in this industry,
Playin' the commercial - you'll never be dealin' with me

(Fresh Sly)
I'm gettin' funky when I'm grabbin' the mic, I'm outstanding,
Take it for granted but sucker MCs never could ban it,
Masterplan it, you can demand it, line I define,
Rate me kingsize, and I be the Lord Of The Rhymes.
I be steppin' in my suit, Green khacki drawers and white boots
That be my Chucks, I'm "funk" like the old school roots,
I ain't no James Brown, I feel good, I say it loud,
Not down with the base, don't confuse it with the sound...

[Chorus 1 - Fresh Sly]:
"Shit! God damn! Get of your ass and jam!"
(Yeah... uh... on top...)
"Shit! God damn! Get of your ass and jam!"
(Fresh fo' tha 2008-ball...)
"Shit! God damn! Get of your ass and jam!"
(Yeah... in full effect...)
"Shit! God damn! Get of your ass and jam!"
(Camofunk Style... Yeah...)

[Verse 2]:

Big to the N to the T, the most scandalous,
And y'all fake muthafuckas can't handle it.
We occupy rap spots like connecting dots,
Flowin' like heroin, it's the injecting shot.
Hotter then hot, my stare burns holes in ya -
Better protect yourself carrying locs wit'cha,
And if you talk blah-blah - we hit you up like mixer,
Gun you down like twister, call me killer-sister...

I ain't no muthafuckin' seller, I'm a rapper - don't forget,
Thinkin' about gettin' money - it will bring you disrespect.
Go lick somebody's crack -
It will bring you much more money than you get from rap.
You thinkin' only about bling and diamonds, dude,
Tryin' to make clubs bounce, forgettin' about yo' neighbourhood.
That's it, sonny, it's still Diggidy Doc,
D.N.S. for life and let me Camo-Funk you up.

[Chorus 2 - Fresh Sly]:
"Shit! God damn! Get of your ass and jam!"
(Uh...Young Sly...)
"Shit! God damn! Get of your ass and jam!"
(Diggedy Doc... BigNanaT...)
"Shit! God damn! Get of your ass and jam!"
(Witness the real on the hip hop field...)
"Shit! God damn! Get of your ass and jam!"
(Get ready for the smash-off... In tha house...)

[Verse 3]:

(Fresh Sly)
I'm camouflaged up, still wearin' the squared-shirt,
Funky enough, and the beats try to flirt
Wit'cha ear, but it appears in a dope way,
Not dope meanin' drugs, it's dope meanin' tight, you know what I'm sayin'?
So barr the kids from listenin' to this -
The kids who listenin' MCs with flows weightin' a glass of piss.
My raps have a dose of megaflex, despite all acts and facts,
I'm still here with D.N.S., NanaTizzay you're next...

Our sound mindblastin', decibel splits plexiglass,
We come with first class tracks on your ass.
I'm so NanaTicious to the rhythm of hi-hats,
Sly's tracks delicious like a jam (in projects!)
Incredible mic checks lead us to effect,
Ain't you fuckin' tired of mistakin' me with a boy yet?
I'm so funky that I smash fags on specific wax,
Breaker 1-9 - we comin', get ready for D.N.S.

[Chorus 3 - Fresh Sly]:

"Shit! God damn! Get of your ass and jam!"
(Uh... the true tip, man...)
"Shit! God damn! Get of your ass and jam!"
(Understand?... And ya don't stop...)
"Shit! God damn! Get of your ass and jam!"
(Rock the spot... Funky like this...)
"Shit! God damn! Get of your ass and jam!"
(Funky like that... I'm 5000, gee...)
Track Name: To The Fullest
[Verse 1 - Fresh Sly]:
I am living in a dream, a nightmare to be exact,
In my own visions, life after death, overreact,
Overprotect my own, no matter what and to the fullest
Face the pressure being calm, I always been the coolest,
Truest speech, then words comin', hummin', dumpin',
Pumpin' your mental, beware - I assasinate you gentle, stoppin',
Droppin' the weapon first, if the rules said it, but who wrote'em,
Praise the Holy Bible, my words are arrows, I quote'em
To kings, queens and pharaohs, or just fellows,
Then I fly away like a sad bleedin' sparrow,
And if I said I'm down to the fullest - it's point blank.
I'll keep doing my thang, makin' soul music, 5 star rank.
I witnessed joy, pain and sorrow thru my young eyes,
And things akid shouldn't see: dirty fights and lies.
Despite this life - I'mma be true 'til I decease,
Keepin' faith in the peace, hopin' hard times will ease.

[Chorus - D.N.S.]: (x2)
Times get hard, times change over and over,
But... keep your head up.
No matter if it's easy or hard, I'll always be
By your side, keep your head up, don't hang it down.

[Verse 2 - BigNanaT]:
My feather's slowly slidin' on paper, leavin' prints and twirls,
As a reflection of my inner key to the outside world.
I carry lost philosophy, as you can see in my precious poetry,
A prophetess of moral and hidden street stories.
No fear of the coming mortalhour,
Cuz daddy taught me how to get the power out of a paralizin' shockhour.
Can you picture a young female, drinkin' hard liquor,
Reminiscin, criminal times, when I played a nine milla,
This life got me captured, as I pulled the trigger
Cops got me locked when they caught me as I tried to run quicker,
But who figured that homies would protect my territory -
I believed that I would end up in tha fuckin' crematory,
Now I'm a soldier on a rise, take a look in my eyes,
Jealous bitches are disquiet through the legend in my rhymes.
Maybe we'll live in a worldwide peace one day
And 'til then I pull it to the fullest, Big N.T. on her way

[Chorus - D.N.S.]: (x2)
Track Name: 2 AM
[Verse 1 - BigNanaT]
2 AM and I can't lay me to sleep, my eyes weep
And I'm sittin' on the dark ground of the street
With a knife in one hand and a Philly in the other,
Scraping signs in a tree, cuz my soul is bothered.
I'm just tired of everything and drunk in despair,
The wind blows, cold chills pass in the open air.
Heavy smoke in my hair fills my heavy brain,
I would cut my veins, cuz my life is already insane
But I won't, I know this is what you all await -
So I keep on rydin', from the cradle to the grave.
It's something strange, something that dwells within,
That forbids to ease the agony under my ruined skin,
This small and caress turning me to ash,
Rest 'til a painful breath followed by the last eyelash.
What will exist is the reflection of the moonlight
In my deep brown eyes, shining through the dark night.

(Fresh Sly)
Two after midnight and I try'ta get by,
But these thoughts won't stop swirlin' thru my mind.
Get me outta here, outta fear, out of shadow lines
Stealing second after second of my stillstanding time

And I try to escape, can't get out, ease the pain,
Can't go on, break these chains sharper than a razorblade
But all this won't stop gnawin' on my mind -
So I just try'ta get by at two after midnight

[Verse 2 - Fresh Sly]
Woke up in the AM cuz I'm thinkin' too deep,
Can't sleep, I gotta stop smokin' on this mad weed.
I'm an insomniac spendin' the nights lookin' at the stars,
But when they can't be seen, I'm countin' on my scars
Left by my destiny, my love and my friends,
I depend on the plans of weather reports by the rainy man.
After I give my dick a jack off, I lay and play
Old funky records I dismay,
My own fuckin' self askin' for gratitude,
Reverse my braincells and shrivel to change my own attitude.
I wanna feel so hype, and reach the delight
On this unique ordinary night, so I'm lookin' for the pipe:
I inhale 'til I'm off to my bed, then I start to kiss myself
Enjoyin' my fresh Wrigley Spearmint breath.
I need mo' words to express all my feelings
Thought it's morning but the clock shows "2 AM and 5 minutes"

Two after midnight and I try'ta get by,
But these thoughts won't stop swirlin' thru my mind.
Get me outta here, outta fear, out of shadow lines
Stealing second after second of my stillstanding time

(Fresh Sly)
And I try to escape, can't get out, ease the pain,
Can't go on, break these chains sharper than a razorblade
But all this won't stop gnawin' on my mind -
So I just try'ta get by at two after midnight

*Chorus repeat 'til fade*

*the Sunrise interlude*:

[Fresh Sly]
I opened my eyes due to sunrise,
Another day in my life, woke up at 5...
Headed to the window on the side of the Ave -
The sun smiled at me, so I smiled right back.
Raised my hands, felt the summer breeze in the air,
Sun rays hit my eyes, but I don't care,
Said it's gonna be a good day, no clouds in the sky,
Birdies flyin' all around my window, hoverin' by,
People walkin' on the alley, moanin' cuz it's still early,
The first bus stopped at its first station, doors openin'.
Peace and quiet all around my block,
The sun starin' from above (sayin' it'll be hot)
I keep starin' and I can't stop cuz it's magic -
The yellow colored-tone of its majesty - Sun.
Yeah, I feel stronger, with every moment that's passin' by,
And I'll love the sweet summer til the day when I'll die.
Sunrise and an early hot weather, I want it to last forever,
Last forever... (yeah)
Track Name: Sucker Producers
[Intro - Fresh Sly]:
It's a ballad of a fallen artist...
Who never thought shit is goin' down like this...

[Verse 1 - Fresh Sly]:
Who you wanna be? Another rap star?
Aiyyo fuck that shit, ain't nice, yo, get by
Another business man in a suit, cold braggin'
Breath stinkin' as hell and drawers never saggin'
Talkin' about makin' money of rap,
Signin' up your band, when you dream of autographs,
He's a straight up bitch, but you are blind as hell
And you are fiendin' for fame, 'stead of weed sales and jail.
You are trapped in the game, fuckin' up your brain,
While that bitch-ass sucker is stuck on cocaine.
Givin' empty promises you'll reach the top
But soon the money you earned on records got snuffed.
Your show is sold out, you askin' where's the cash?
And that bitch-ass replies his ass is outta that.
You're mad and sad but there's nuthin' you can reach,
And he ain't nuthin' but a money-making bitch

[Chorus - Fresh Sly]:
"Bitch!" (x16)

It's goin' out to all you sucker-ass producers out there,
(Really tho'...)
You'se a bitch... (that's right...)
(Ahh yeah, it ain't over yet, bitch...)

[Verse 2 - Fresh Sly]:
Day after day, the shit gettin' worse,
You start to think you're cursed, bizzay flowin' reversed:
Everything is goin' wrong, but you don't know why
Your producer shows up in new suits with new ties,
Every single day, you are too shy to say
Something about it, all you do is pray.
Your fame goin' down, the producer wants more
Organising your shows, risin' of your E.G.O.
Grabbin' all your D.O. and ain't sharing shit,
And you know you lose everything if you quit -
Cuz you depend on the man who treats you like a hoe:
Givin' empty promises you believe and way more.
He says you're the best, he's lickin' your ass,
He wants you to write songs, liein' about your progress.
You wanna know the truth? Well here it is:
Mr. Producer is a money-making bitch.

[Chorus - BigNanaT]:
"Bitch!" (x16)

He ain't nuthin' but a bitch-ass,
Nuthin' but a bitch-ass...
He ain't nuthin' but a bitch-ass...

[Verse 3 - BigNanaT]:
Dear mister producer, you still fiendin' for cash,
Worried them peeps find out you'se a piece'a trash.
In the club you're the mack, and outside a fake,
Indoor drinkin' bubbley for your bitches sake,
Showin' off your broke ass, with fake gold rings,
Gettin' scared when the pigs ride on your tips,
And you slip whenever your material touched,
But it's your own homies money that you had clutched.
You don't even have friends cuz you've trated'em all -
Only attention you get is from them groupie hoes,
Who are thinkin' you produce cuz you said so,
And your bizzay ain't goin' cuz you didn't make it go.
Made such a dope rapper of yourself in public,
Who ya wanna fool wit'cha own fake advertising,
You'll get more fans and hopin' you'll get rich,
Kids payin' your parties, you dirty money-making bitch!

[Chorus - Fresh Sly]:
"Bitch!" (x16)

And this is what really's going down,
Over here...
Track Name: Thru Space & Time
[Verse 1 - BigNanaT]:
My heart was broken several times, everytime the same story -
First they love me, then leave me and say "Tash don't worry".
The same category of pain and absolutely nuttin' changed,
No understanding, everything was so fuckin' strange.
Remember long nights and tears flew from my eyes,
Dreams turned to lies, (I felt how my soul slowly died)
I was cold as ice, wondered why I can love so deeply
But never had a piece of love returned back to me.
I confessed the feelings (that I held inside for so long),
Time passed, I realised that I have to be strong.
I found answers to dilemmas, with one reason -
It was amorousness, a fake love I believed in,
Now I lay back, thinkin' of things the situation has cost -
And realise that nothing very important has been lost.
Another learned experience has come from all this shit,
Real love is so huge, it can never quit.

[Chorus - Fresh Sly & BigNanaT]:
Good and bad, space and time (x4)

[Verse 2 - Fresh Sly]:
If I would be a star, would you wish on me?
Think about me when ya'd feel lonely, pour the 10-40
When I'd disappear in the morning, when you open your eyes
And see the sun shinin' towards another sunrise,
With an angelic smile and your opened arms
Whispering how much you waited for me, saint like the Psalms.
What you want me to do? Eternally settle for less,
But you knowin' I be stormin' on an explore quest -
Study your body, and your charming movement all around
The way you kiss me and ya hold me like I'm golden and found
By you, who raised me from dirt, cleaned me up -
Now I'm shinin' in your palms, I'm yours for eternity.
Just don't let me go, tell me you won't let me
It's how I'd like to die, held by you and set free.
And you take my breath away, when I'm alive
Only for you, thru good and bad, (thru space and time)

[Chorus - Fresh Sly & BigNanaT]:
Good and bad, space and time (x4)
Track Name: Fresh
"this stuff is fresh!"
"hold it now"

[Verse 1]:
It's a nice time to swing a lil' fresh melody
To make you all feel somethin' really funky like ooh-wee,
So sensually comes Big to the N to the damn T
Feel free, follow me, let's start the party.

(Fresh Sly)
This is not a test to be exact,
It's really def, funky fresh, in effect.
Clap your hands when the boogie be groovin',
Everything is hype when the crowd is moving

Put your hands up together and check out me,
This is real old school and y'all can see
How we start a dope party like BigNanaT,
Young Sly is on my side, and my name is D.O.C.

(Fresh Sly)
Just throw your hands in the air
And wave'em up like ya just don't care!
It's a funky jam for you to dance,
To the old-school sound, that's why we had to come out

"this stuff is fresh!"

[Verse 2]:
I ain't rappin' about different nasty shit,
I don't look like muthafuckin' Elvis Presley trick,
Talkin' like "love me tender, love me sweet...",
Bitch, shut the fuck up, and suck a dick.

(Fresh Sly)
Throw your hands up and ya don't stop,
Rock a rhyme so dope and ya don't quit,
And to the realest people in the spot -
Just clap your hands to the beat

Shake your sexy boogie body to the dancefloor,
Feel the beat, it's gettin' hot, check the DJ for more
Throw your hands up in the air and hug the ground,
Body movin', drop your knees and come unbound

(Fresh Sly)
Just throw your hands in the air
And wave'em up like ya just don't care!
It's a funky jam for you to dance,
To the old-school sound, that's why we had to come out


[Verse 3]:
Go mess with them cheap rappers in the trash
And don't stay near me, cuz you stink and I'm (Fresh!)
Claimin' you're a rapper, but you just listen rap music,
You're just a listener, not a rapper - don't confuse it.
But I'm a simple guy that came in the studio,
Made some microphone checks, and recorded new tracks.
Started with "Masterplan", first album dope as sex,
Now I'm rappin' for the new one, get ready for the next, yeah!

(Fresh Sly)
Party people waitin' to dance,
And we chillin' in the club in the b-boy stance,
Cuz it's about that time, in any case,
Universal rhymes, call me MC Space,
I'm really fresh, and the beat is hype -
Tonight is the night, no suckers on the mic,
Powered up like a dynamite 'bout to blow:
Sly at the microphone with the old-school flow...

It's gettin' (round and round), so cut the bottles and scream,
Take everything you need, sugar, lemon, ice and cream,
I mean - what's life without satisfaction, baby?
For some sexy action, you must act in crazy -
And now - we're gonna get it on in the groove,
The hype groove that makes those smooth hips move.
We are pumpin' that drivin' old school rhythm,
So bump it, and take the great chance to feel the freedom...

Track Name: Follow Me
[Verse 1 - BigNanaT]:
Let me take a sec to reminisce my past years,
When I was a child, so cheerful, so wild and carefree,
Climbin' the trees or playin' hide-and-seek,
So many memories, I knew I would miss MD.
Before my parents took me to Europe for a better life,
Thought it would be paradise - 13 years in Germany.
BT took me back but my hood ain't the same,
It changed, I feel myself sufferin' in this game.
Trouble's everywhere, it keeps spittin' on you,
No day without the world would not keep shittin' on you.
It's hectic from time to time, when you gettin' older,
More beef hit my shoulders, tryin' to stay a real soldier,
And now I understand no matter where I decide to be,
It won't be more pleasant, shadows won't stop hunting me.
I can't erase my destiny, I gotta go where I gotta go,
Be who I gotta be and you can follow me...

[Chorus: (Fresh Sly), BigNanaT]
(You can follow me)
Be in my skin, walk a mile in my shoes...
(Thru my memories)
When I'm sad or happy, watch me win and lose...
(If you stay or leave)
You know ya still gotta keep it true...
(Time is what you need)
To understand what you going thru...

[Verse 2 - Fresh Sly]:
I was believin' in Santa Clauses, fairy tales, to the end,
Until I found out Santa was one of my daddy's friends.
My childhood takes me back on a mission, wishin'
And reminiscin', I'd let y'all know, but nobody woulda listen
To my story-tell ambition, past times I am missin',
My homie grew without his father, cuz every week he was gone fishin'.
We tried to gain most attention, but didn't know
Attention requests right actions as it flows, and so,
I grew up hatin' police, chewing gums, and ridin' bikes,
Nowadays kids raised on playin' Counter Strike.
I never had a Playboy magazine in my younger days,
Now every kid has a porn tape, I'm gettin' amazed -
Sorry, boys, I'm from the late '80s edition,
I'm 20 years old, them '90s ain't no competition.
You kids grew with wrong dreams,
Where the society is an infected pussy, as it seems,
Just follow me, teens

Track Name: Free Your Mind
[Intro - Fresh Sly / (BigNanaT)]:
The mind sees, the mind hears,
(You gotta free yo' mind)
the rest is blind and deaf.
(Free yo' mind, don't be blind)
I know many of those pretended champions for freedom in my time,
(Step off the chains)
but I don't remember one that wasn't in his
heart and in his family a slave.
(Never, never be blind)
Even though some slaves can't definitely free their arms
and legs from chains,
(Free yo' mind)
but are Gods for their friends
(Spread your wings)
because of a free mind
(And fly)...

[Verse 1 - Doc]:
Let me free my mind cuz I'm about to explode -
Time brought me to the funk mode, the road to the dope
State of thoughts I'm in, expressed by my deep words,
Occured from the street curse, when the shit get worse,
Because life doesn't consist only from opened doors
I gots to get my keys, ya gots to get yours,
So free your mind, before you get locked down in reality
To reach the quality of your new-found menthality -
Otherwise you won't know how to handle ya life
Problems gettin' bitter then a muthafuckin' lime.
You get stuck from the beginning, lookin' for a solution,
Homies let you know about your rights and such, like constitution,
Everybody's tellin' ya what to do and how to act,
But you can take these decisions right by yourself,
So don't get influenced by ones who chose to be blind -
Keep your balance in sight, express yourself and free yo' mind.

[Chorus]: (x2)
"Free your mind and your ass will follow"
"Free your mind!"
"Free your mind and your ass...", "free your mind and your ass..."
"Free your mind", "...and your ass will follow"

[Verse 2 - BigNanaT]:
Who are you when you are what you have and then lose what you had?
Free yo' mind and let these words penetrate into your head.
Instead of blings and cars, bills and material things
Makin' you blind, thinkin' only 'bout pocket and business.
With every wingflappin' you get farther from the ground,
Closer to the sun, keep it ballanced, otherwise you'll crush down,
And if you can't control yourself, you should think about it,
But I pretend it's too late, or maybe you're too distracted.
If you consider my question logically you should see the biggest danger
Is to becomin' what you have and not to lose what you had, stranger.
Losses give chances to understand you're actin' wrong,
I know the pain inside hurts, but it makes you damn strong.
One day I woke up and recognized: my mind is free,
Dolls controlin' the outside world but they will never control me.
I'm livin like it was givin', destroyin' or rebuildin' with my feelings,
Someone name it brainstormin', other call it mind-healin'

Track Name: When Sorrow Fills My Heart
[Verse 1 - BigNanaT]:
I was never ashamed of myself cuz I'm free from currents of meanings,
Regardless of cold stares, but caught in my own feelings,
Everlasting sounds of crowds hit my mind try to beat it,
But I feed'em with defense and worry, cuz they need it.
Futility at explanations, endless thoughts 'bout wills and wishes,
Can I stop the annoyance to fullfill another mission?
I smother in sorrow but I can't get rid of my fears,
A punishment like it's been all the long years.
So here I sit, hugging my legs close, my heart is torn
It's cold and sometimes I find it difficult to carry on,
There are some doubts, hunting me until I'm reborn.
Drowned in philosphy, my soul's totally transformed.
Running faster through the streets, feeling nothing underneath,
Feelin' blindness, don't wanna be in between,
Falling down my knees and it bothers me from deep inside
But the trouble let me know, that I am still alive...

[Chorus - BigNanaT / (Fresh Sly)]: (x2)
When sorrow fills my heart, (just like a temptation)
Hear it in my voice, (in any of its vibrations)
It's hard to carry on (and to keep on standin' tall)
Just another day passin' us by, (to the break of dawn)

[Verse 2 - Fresh Sly]:
Classifieing my emotions on a level apart,
Fresh Sly, being dangerous and simple from the start,
From "The Masterplan", risin' from the first show,
Kept moving the crowds when not in the studio.
I'm reminiscin' on the days when we got on,
And I'm missing on the ways we used to rock the microphone.
Now listen, you remember how we used to make you bounce:
Better start a conversation, (D.N.S. is in the house!)
Started with the "Remix", you know the rest:
"In The House" followed up, word'em up, Camo's next (Camo-funk)
So what's the number? I feel like Fat Lip:
Reminiscin' to a time when I was younger with a hunger...
As mo' time flyin' by, my friend,
I wish I could turn it back and live those moments again. (And again)
But what's life if you don't press restart?
I think about it everytime sorrow fills my heart...

[Chorus] (x2)

[Verse 3 - Doc]:
When sorrow fills my heart, I think about my past,
All the time that passed tryin' to be the best,
Heart is beatin' in my chest, makin' myself just
To keep myself alive in this miserable test (Life!)
Keepin' in my soul westside - that's makin' me feel tight,
"Hi, my name's Doc and I guess you're Young Sly",
"Wow I heard about you, your tracks are really nice"
"Let's make some shit together with BigNanaT", (right)
That's the way we appeared, D.N.S. started to ryde,
Then flyin' so high with BNT and Sly, that's right,
Side by side, reachin' the skyline
Face 2 face together 'til God decides we should die.
When sorrow fills my heart, I try to stay hard,
I keep my fists ready cuz it's my main guard
Nobody will ever step, on my own part,
I try to be strong as I am, when sorrow fills my heart...

[Chorus] (x2)