by D.N.S.

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On 8th December 2009, the group released “Rebirth”, their fourth album, and the first one recorded as a duo. Released via group’s label Soul Power Records, it consists of eight songs full of positive jazzy vibes, deep basslines, astral riffs and cosmic synths, and last but not least Sly’s and BNT’s powerful rapping, sometimes dreamy and smooth. Special guests feature the ex-member Doc and the british Barry White of hip-hop – Smooth Deep.


released December 8, 2009

Executive Producer - Fresh Sly
Co-producer - BigNanaT
Music By - Fresh Sly
Lyrics By - BNT, Fresh Sly , Doc (track #1), Smooth Deep (track #6)
Artwork By - D.N.S.
Photography - S. Walenga




Fresh Sly & D.N.S. Moldova

D.N.S. is a hip-hop group, formed in 2006. The group is composed of MC/producer Fresh Sly and MC BNT. For live performances, D.N.S. also collaborated with the group "Whynona Ryderz" since early 2011.

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Track Name: Tonight

Be with me until I die (x4)

[Verse 1: Fresh Sly]
I was wearin' a blue suit, she had on a red dress
Feelings in contrast, united by a love request.
I gave her "rendez-vous" at my apartment -
Asked her to join me in my passion compartment,
She said yes, I was happy, hopin' she gave up the nappy,
Got the champaigne and the cavi, feelin' kinda trigger-happy,
Hoping everything was fine,
And be like that until I die, now check it -
Got the best slow jam tape from my crate,
Pictured how we'd create the love on this first date.
Lit up the dope candles, with an erotic flavour,
20 minutes left, but I admitted she might come later,
Feelin' like Shakespeare in love, I got a mess',
She wrote "Sorry, I'm not prepared to be your guest"
Fine, I called my homies, had a party all the night -
Put the candles away, mission achieved the next time...

[Chorus (4x)]

[Verse 2: BNT]
It's a cold late evening, you and me are walking easy
Through the streets of the city, hope that you will never leave me,
The moonshine breaks the clouds, lighting up the snowfall,
Icey drops on clothes and skin, flashing like a frozen glow,
We inhale the frost into our bodies, but I'm on fire -
Only one look makes me feel higher, brighter from the inside.
Finally we got home, while you're drawin the blinds -
I put the kettle up and turn off the telephone.
After the shower, we occupy the chimney-corner
Lyin' naked on the sofa, tasting hot tea with sweet aroma,
Shadows crossing the walls, my fingertips on ya hip
Gliding slowly, nice trip, lips joined in a kiss.
Once you shut yourself in hidden depths of solitude,
But I found you, started to read you like a book
Word after word, I made every line mine,
I'm your true devoted reader, be with me until I die

[Chorus (4x)]

[Outro: BNT & (Fresh Sly)]
Be with me until I die
(Tonight is the night, tonight is the night)
Under the moon, the stars and the sky
(Tonight is the night, tonight is the night)

Be with me until I die
(Tonight is the night, tonight is the night)
Be mine even if the sun won't shine
(Tonight is the night, light up the night)